Life just isn’t fare

Are you going my way?

Nothing else is.

I’ll just ride to the end of the line if that’s ok.

Why not? Why not just ride wherever this line takes me? Why not just cast off everything else?

I’ll be “aboard the Freedom Bus, heading for Good Time City. And I haven’t even paid my fare.”

I am Cone Alone.

Cone getting on bus

Choose Your Cone Adventure: Royal Baby Reveal!

Last week, we asked you to help us figure out just what this Cone Alone was thinking waiting outside for the birth of the “Royal Baby.”

What was Cone Alone thinking?

What was Cone Alone thinking?

After much heated debate on the Internet, we are ready to reveal what Cone Alone was thinking.

We haven't the foggiest!

We haven’t the foggiest!

No one knows. Clearly, Cone Alone can easily stump the best of us. We know Cone Alone is good about hiding true emotions, which is why we do our best to let them speak for themselves, when they are ready.

We are still sometimes guarded.

We are Cone Alone.

Choose Your Cone Adventure: Royal Baby Edition

What is this Cone Alone thinking?

Tell us what Cone Alone is thinking.

Tell us what Cone Alone is thinking.

You tell us.

One intrepid viewer caught this Cone Alone outside during the birth of the “Royal Baby.”

We know it was there, but we have no idea what is going through its mind.

Send in your suggestions to or post to the Facebook page or via Twitter.

We’ll pick the winner and post in next week’s Cone Alone Wednesday.

Good luck!

-J and the Cone Alone team

Basin my decision in facts

Well this seems familiar.

Salt Flats sign

Let’s see. Do I want to try it?

Salt Flats 1

I’d hate to make a Hastings decision.

Salt Flats 2

I’m sure I could make it across with no problem. Right?

Salt Flats 3


Salt Flats 4

Ah, forget it.

I don’t want to become a Cone-ibal.

I’m not even an organ Donner.

I am Cone Alone.

Snowed In

I get blamed for everything, but people seem to miss the truth.

The truth?

The truth is,most of the time I don’t even deal with the cones in other branches.

Sure, we have the occasional softball tournament and we make prank calls while wiretapping each other. But it is usually just harmless fun.

My faucet leaks, but I certainly don’t.

I am discreet.

I am Cone Alone.


NSA I’m crazy. FBI don’t think so.

Train in Vain: TYWCA guest post

“A year without Cone Alone: like waiting for the train you know is coming, but for some reason keeps being delayed by another 10 minutes. The world moves around you, going about its business, but you continue to wait. You continue to wait because you know what’s coming is worth it.”

Photo courtesy of Kira J.

Photo courtesy of Kira J.

“We’ve waited roughly 525,600* minutes for the return of Cone Alone. Was it worth the wait? Most definitely! But maybe next time, don’t make us wait so long…”

Photo courtesy of Kira J.

Photo courtesy of Kira J.

*Rent suggests this is how you measure a year. If this is not how you measure a year in the life of a Cone, how do you measure a year? Perhaps you measure it in daylights, in sunsets, in midnights in cups of coffee? In inches, in miles, in laughter and strife?