Stationed alone

This time of year has me wondering: what are people celebrating?

I just can’t understand buying more stuff and eating too much food.

What does that accomplish?

I also have a hard time justifying human holidays built on violence and religious supremacy.

So, I think I’ll sit this one out and watch the trains go by, hoping they bring a better society.

I may be waiting a while.

I am Cone Alone.IMG_20171106_011004642

Stair Well

All these young cones seem to talk about is getting their “steps” in.

Well, I’m too old to count my movements.

I’ll just stay down here, thank you very much.

I am out of step with the latest trends.

I am Cone Alone.


No change, of heart

I was planning on calling you after so long.

I was planning on saying I’m sorry.

I was planning on telling you it was all my fault.

I was planning on crying, for once.

But I was out of quarters.

I am Cone Alone.