Frost bites.

I am normally buried this time of year, but this is ridiculous.

I am (snow) Cone Alone.

Buried in snow

Happy holidays to all the fans and everyone constantly supporting this project, especially:

  • Mike J.
  • Bobbie J.
  • Allie J.
  • Adam J.
  • Kira J.
  • Janice C.
  • Kathy G.
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Choose Your Cone Adventure: Royal Baby Reveal!

Last week, we asked you to help us figure out just what this Cone Alone was thinking waiting outside for the birth of the “Royal Baby.”

What was Cone Alone thinking?

What was Cone Alone thinking?

After much heated debate on the Internet, we are ready to reveal what Cone Alone was thinking.

We haven't the foggiest!

We haven’t the foggiest!

No one knows. Clearly, Cone Alone can easily stump the best of us. We know Cone Alone is good about hiding true emotions, which is why we do our best to let them speak for themselves, when they are ready.

We are still sometimes guarded.

We are Cone Alone.

Choose Your Cone Adventure: Royal Baby Edition

What is this Cone Alone thinking?

Tell us what Cone Alone is thinking.

Tell us what Cone Alone is thinking.

You tell us.

One intrepid viewer caught this Cone Alone outside during the birth of the “Royal Baby.”

We know it was there, but we have no idea what is going through its mind.

Send in your suggestions to or post to the Facebook page or via Twitter.

We’ll pick the winner and post in next week’s Cone Alone Wednesday.

Good luck!

-J and the Cone Alone team

Thirsty for life

Family reunions.

I know some people hate them, but I love them. After all, it’s the only time I get to see my Aunt Hydrant.

She’s my dad’s sister. A few of us younger adults are fascinated with her.

She travels all over. She hangs out with plumbers, firefighters and even neighborhood kids.

And she loves us. In fact, she can’t quit gushing about how great we are and how much we’ve grown.

She makes me realize I don’t have to be stuck here in this town. I can go places. I can travel the world.

I am inspired.

I am Cone Alone.