Summer Holiday Photo Contest

Were you sad when you learned that Cone Alone will be on holiday this summer?

Were you so dejected that you could barely type 140 characters to tweet about your melancholy?

Well lift up your head, pick up your camera and let your spirits soar again.

That’s right, it is time for the Cone Alone Summer Holiday Photo Contest!

Check out the easy ways to participate.

1A. From May 5 until July 30, 2012 just take pictures of yourself (and friends) with Cone Alone. (Like in the picture below).

I am Cone Alone. (photo credit: Adam Jones)

1B. Feeling a bit camera shy and don’t want to be in the picture? That’s fine. Just take a picture of a Cone Alone you spot. Write a caption if you can as well!

2. Then upload those pictures to our Facebook page and/or Twitter account or just email the pictures directly to us (josephpatrickrichards (at) gmail (dot) com) and we’ll take care of the uploading. Be sure to use the #ConeAloneSHP if you can.

3. Finally, share Cone Alone with all of your friends, family, enemies and emotionally-neutral automatons.

We will be featuring one picture every week to get some “extra props” from us.

At the end of the contest, we will select five of our favorite (or “favourite” in Europe) photos and then have YOU, the fans, vote on the winner. The grand champion will receive a special Cone Alone prize we will announce later.

So that’s it. So simple, so fun and you get your summer Cone Alone fix.

Have any questions about the contest? Just email josephpatrickrichards (at) gmail (dot) com.