The Cone Alone World

Cones are a valuable part of our society. And few cones are as valuable, or as diverse as traffic cones, or pylons, the tireless workers of the streets.

The years have seen the creation of the Traffic Cone Preservation Society, the development of an organization to free cones from their forced labor, the writing of poems for cones (even one called “Cone Alone”) and the positing of a theory that cones are engaged in a secret plot against humans. We even have photographs of cones around the town. Yet, human society still has not experienced the wisdom and collective knowledge of the cones themselves.

This blog is dedicated to capturing the Cone Alone in its natural habit: at work, at play and everywhere in between, and then allowing the cones to write what they were thinking at the time. This blog sees Cone Alone at its best and its worst and gets their perspective.

All Cone Alone speak for themselves. This is their story. The story of Cone Alone.

*Note: No Cone Alone was harmed during photographic documentation, and all Cone Alone participants are pictured with no tampering or manipulation by the photographer.